Life Insurance Buyer's Checklist    
Life insurance is one of the most important investments      
you can make to protect your family's financial future.      
Here are five ways life insurance can be used:      
1. Maintain your family's standard of living      
2. Pay off the mortgage on your home    
3. Pay off outstanding debts    
4. Pay off any outstanding taxes    
5. Provide for your children's education    
Do you have a life insurance policy now?  
Have you estimated how much life insurance  
coverage you need?
Do you have up-to-date records and information  
about your health?
Have you found a life insurance agent or broker  
that you trust?
Have you compared life insurance quotes  
from several companies?
Have you considered the life insurance company's   
reputation and strength?
Have you asked about renewal options and   
requirements for the policy?
Have you confirmed the policy can be cancelled  
without paying a penalty?
  Your Checklist Score  
This checklist is for educational purposes only. You should not rely on the results as indication
of your financial needs and we recommend that you seek out your own legal, accounting, tax or 
professional advice. 
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