Life Insurance Needs      
  This calculator lets you estimate the amount of
  life insurance needed to cover the loss of income  
  to your family should you die. The amount of life  
  insurance needed will depend on three things:    
  Cash Needs      
  How much will be needed to meet immediate needs such as funeral,
  medical and legal expenses and paying off debts and taxes?
  Income Needs      
  How much future income is needed to maintain a comfortable 
  standard of living for your suviving family members?
  Available Assets      
  How much existing insurance and other investment assets do you have
  to cover the above cash and income needs?
   Cash Needs      
  Final expenses (funeral, legal, probate, taxes) $  
  Pay off mortgage, loans, credit cards $  
  Education fund for children $  
  Other (taxes, bequests, emergencies) $  
  Total cash needs $  
   Income Needs      
  Annual income need $  
  Needed for how many years?   yrs
  Rate of return   %
  Inflation rate   %
  Capital required $  
   Available Assets      
  Existing life insurance $  
  Retirement investments $  
  Non-retirement investments $  
  Other investments & real estate $  
  Total assets $  
  Cash needs    
  Income needs    
  Total cash & income needs    
  Less available assets, including existing insurance    
  The "Capital required" figure in the "Income Needs" section is the amount
  The rate ofreturn earned by the capital is adjusted for inflation but not taxes. 
  This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. You should not rely on the
  results as indication of your financial needs and we recommend that you 
  seek out your own investment, legal, tax or professional advice.
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