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Use this calculator to see the cost of waiting to invest in an RESP.
Net family income
Net Family Income

Your adjusted net family income is used to calculate an additional CESG grant amount where applicable.
Annual RESP contribution
Annual RESP Contribution

There is no annual RESP contribution limit but there is a lifetime maximum limit of $50,000.
Input Error:
Annual RESP Contribution

You have exceeded the $50,000 maximum lifetime limit by . Enter a lower Annual RESP contribution amount, or decrease the number of contribution years.
Contribute for (years)
Input Error: Contribute for (years)

The maximum value you can enter is 18 years.
Years delayed
Input Error: Years delayed

You cannot enter a value greater than years of growth.
Rate of return
Input Error: Rate of return

The maximum rate of return you can enter is 15.00%.
RESP Value in 18 Years
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Wait 5 Years
Cost of Waiting


Annual RESP contributions are made at the start of each year. Calculations include the basic CESG (20%) and the additional CESG that is based on family income. Calculations use income tax brackets as of January 2019. Provincial grants are not included in the calculations.

These calculators are for informational and educational purposes only. They do not constitute investment advice and you should seek your own legal, tax and investment advice. The results are hypothetical and may not reflect the actual growth of your own investments. Fees, commissions and expenses may not be reflected in the calculations.